Square and Round Diamonds
In diamond painting, you will often encounter terms like "square" and "round". In diamond painting, "drill" is just another word for "diamond." Therefore, when we consider round versus square diamonds, we are referring to the physical shape of the diamond.

Baguette and Round Diamonds
When choosing between square and round diamonds, it is important to know that there is no one right answer. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Your goal should be to choose whatever shape you think will produce the most beautiful results with the most satisfying process.

Peacock - 5D DIY Round Drill Diamond Painting 95*45cm

Mountain Scenery - 5D DIY Round Drill Diamond Painting -80*40CM

Flower - 5D DIY Round Drill Diamond Painting (Canvas 45x85cm/17.72x33.46in )

Square diamonds (aka square diamonds)
Create more complete and complete paintings.
Square Drill diamonds look "cleaner" than Round Drill diamonds. They line up more easily and create a "fuller" mosaic look when viewed from a distance. The more diamonds you place, the cleaner the row becomes.
The square diamond "snaps" into place satisfactorily.
Sometimes the little things matter! As you start to make progress on the diamond painting and start filling in the gaps, you will get a satisfying "pop" as the diamond is held tightly in place.

Spring Bridge - Full Square Diamond - 50x40CM

Round diamonds (aka round diamonds)
Easier (faster!) to pick up and apply diamonds.
Round diamonds are not as precise as square diamonds in the position needed to cover the entire square on the canvas, so apply them a bit faster.

The finished painting feels less "complete".
Given the round shape of the diamonds, the gaps between the diamonds may appear more noticeable as you approach the painting. It is highly recommended that you view your diamond painting from a distance!
Lovely old diamond couple