1. Essential tools and accessories for diamond painting
    A diamond painting is a wonderful way to show off your artistic side, even if you don't have a sly bone in your body. Using a smudge tool and wax, you scoop up the diamonds and place them on a sticky canvas with a color-coded chart. In other words, it's as simple as a child can do it! But even seasoned craftsmen can feel the pull of this fascinating hobby.

    But it's not just a fun and engaging hobby. Since diamond painting can be considered a form of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT), you can even find peace, clarity and joy while expressing your creativity.

    However, if you're just discovering the world of diamond painting, you might be confused by the tools and accessories that come with each kit. You may be wondering what's actually included or what you need to go out and buy. Plus, you can add a range of other add-ons to complete your diamond art studio.
    Each diamond art kit comes with glue or wax
    Get you started, so there's no need to hunt for this accessory.
  2. DIY Diamond Painting Pen Tools