Diamond painting: the benefits and uses of "Diamond painting"
Preparatory work: if you are a novice, we can first select an atmospheric and simple picture to make. In fact, when buying diamond paintings, the seller will more or less give us some simple operating procedures. However, without actual combat, we often have a phenomenon of incomprehension. The diamond paintings we buy are equipped with some diamond pens and canvases For a series of things needed for drilling, each diamond painting has glue on it, and some will be attached with a bottle for spare. Before we start drilling, we should decide how much film to uncover according to the size of the diamond painting, and try to uncover it a little, a little, so as to avoid the glue sticking to sundries, which will affect its viscosity and the beauty of the painting, After uncovering, find the required corresponding drill according to the letters or numbers above before starting the drill.

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Beauty

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - cartoon girl

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Cartoon Countryside

Point drilling methods and skills:
1. When drilling, first put the required drill in a special small box and shake it slightly, which is conducive to the orderly arrangement of the drill and is convenient for us to use the drill pen. If we feel uncomfortable using the drill pen, we can also use tweezers to replace it. It is better to slow down one color to avoid mistakes;
2. If one or two drill points are in the wrong position in the process, as long as it does not affect the painting, there is no need to undo the key points. If it is necessary to re drill, be careful to drill and apply glue. In particular, when applying glue, try not to let the glue overflow as much as possible, just a little;
3. After filling all the colored drills in the area where you tear off the film, you can press the bottom of the box flat and evenly. Of course, you can also use other hard items instead, but you can't use excessive force to avoid the displacement of the drill caused by the wet glue;
4. When the whole painting is finished and the glue is dry, you can take it to mount the frame