English Name: Diamond painting
Alias: DIY diamond painting
Material: resin drill
Diamond painting is very popular everywhere. I believe many people have heard of it and don't understand what diamond painting is. Today, Chuangyi diamond painting will tell you what diamond painting is!
Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is the designer of creative technology, which organically combines the exquisite and shining artificial crystal flat bottom round diamond with well-designed patterns. The painter only needs to drill the dot

Understand diamond painting

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Flower

The drill extracted by the tool is pasted on the corresponding color points on the canvas, so that the pasting of a drill is completed, and you can officially start in a few minutes, and then slowly fill each color area. A 40cm * 40cm diamond painting can be completed in about 2 hours.
DIY diamond painting brings together the popular concept of DIY and the most fashionable concept of flash diamond, so that it can attract great attention in a short time and become popular in the north and south of the river.
DIY diamond painting can make amazing diamond paintings from 5-year-old children to 70 year old people, and enjoy the endless fun of the production process. Consumers get not only real artistic experience, but also DIY fun.
Today, we will bring Chuangyi diamond paintings to you to spread art and share happiness with you. Through DIY diamond paintings, you can make diamond paintings that amaze you.
Embedded drill base map
The diamond inlaid base map is the crystallization of the efforts of excellent designers of creative technology, which makes the glittering Middle East diamonds more closely combined and endows DIY diamond painting with the most sincere soul.

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Flower

The diamond inlaid base drawing is composed of many circles. In order to make the Middle East diamond shine more brightly, designers arrange the circles according to the special matrix effect. Some patterns only have one color circle, and some patterns also have many kinds of color circles. Circles of different colors correspond to Middle East diamonds of different colors, which makes the picture colorful and hierarchical.
Chuangyi diamond painting has attached glue for diamond inlaying to consumers on the diamond inlaid base map, which does not require consumers to use glue, which improves the safety and convenience of operation, so that children aged 6 to 60 can inlay diamonds. Many customers tell us that DIY diamond painting makes complex things very simple.
The diamond inlaid base map is a special fabric. If there is a slight stain, it can be cleaned with water, but at the same time, it reminds consumers that a beautiful diamond painting needs your careful care.
Diamond flower making process

5D DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill -Colorful World

Middle East drill
DIY diamond painting is one of the most important materials. The Middle East Diamond is a popular name for Chinese people. In order to let everyone have a detailed understanding, Chuangyi diamond painting will explain in detail from the origin to development of the Middle East Diamond.

DIY diamond painting is another emerging market after cross stitch. Products can be made by men, women and children regardless of gender and age. DIY spirit pays more attention to an attitude towards life and a pleasant pleasure of leisure. Therefore, more and more people have become the mainstream of this way of leisure and entertainment. Today, whether the elderly, children or young people; Both women and men love this way of leisure and entertainment. DIY diamond painting goes deep into it and magnifies the state of DIY more accurately, which has been recognized by most people. At the same time, because of the variety of creative craft drawings, and everyone's subconscious desire and ability to create. DIY diamond painting technology just meets everyone's deep preference. Many people have a special liking for this way of leisure after seeing their completed works or after being praised by their friends.

1、 Analysis on the use of creative diamond painting
1. It can help the elderly spend their time. Give them DIY diamond paintings to spend their leisure time.
2. Cultivate children's practical ability and patience. Let DIY diamond painting improve their understanding and aesthetics of color, cultivate children's practical ability and patience, and make them love the world more.
3. You can give gifts to friends. You can present your friends' finished products to express their feelings, or give them products to let them experience the happiness and sense of achievement.
4. Can decorate the home. You can hang the framed finished products in the living room, study and bedroom to add artistic flavor. You can also invite friends to visit the new house and proudly tell them "this is made by myself!" it's never tired of seeing a self-painted oil painting at home!
2、 Analysis on the unique advantages of creative diamond painting
1. Unique work design.
2. The category is complex and c