What is a diamond painting?
Diamond painting is a new craft hobby that combines digital painting and cross stitch. With Diamond Painting, you can create sparkling diamond art by applying thousands of tiny resin "diamonds" to a coded sticky canvas.


Diamond Painting was introduced to North America and Europe in 2017 by artpaintingworld. Since then, millions of artisans around the world have discovered the joys and stress-relieving benefits of diamond painting.
How to start your first diamond painting
Introduction to Diamond Painting
Step by Step Diamond Painting Instructions
Step 1: Remove all items from packaging.
Every diamond painting kit includes everything you need to get started. Inventory your canvas, diamond set, tool kit, wax pad and tweezers.

Diamond Painting Step 1
Step 2: Lay the canvas on a clean flat surface or workstation.
Roll out your canvas on a very smooth and flat surface. The kitchen and dining room table works wonders. Advanced Diamond Painters go to Amazon and search for workbenches.

Diamond Painting Step 2
Step 3: Choose a color or symbol and pour the diamonds into the tray.
Determine which part of the diamond canvas you want to start painting on. Choose the right diamond and pour a small amount into a grooved tray. Shake gently to move the diamond upright.

Diamond Painting Step 3
Step 4: Apply wax to the Diamond Pen tip.
Peel off the plastic film from the pink wax pad and apply a small amount of wax to the tip of the diamond pen. The action of the wax is combined with electrostatic adsorption, almost like a diamond magnet.

Diamond Painting Step 4
Step 5: Place each diamond in the corresponding square on the canvas
Each colored diamond corresponds to a specific symbol or character on the canvas. Check the legend on the side of the canvas to find the symbol for each color. Colors are represented using DMC threads. Peel off a small portion of the protective film and start painting. Do not remove this plastic wrap all at once.

Diamond Painting Step 5
Step 6: Repeat this process until you have sparkling diamond art!
Work on canvas one by one until you have a gorgeous DIY diamond painting! To extend the life of your diamond painting, consider sealing it before showing it! Diamond paintings are meant to be admired from a distance - take a step back and marvel at the beauty.

Mountain Scenery - 5D DIY Round Drill Diamond Painting 80*40cm

DIY Diamond Painting - Full Drill - Rooster

DIY 5D Village - Full Round/Square Diamond Painting(85*45cm)

5D Diamond Painting Tray - Multipurpose